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No Luck So Far

Lately I've been thinking I spend too much time drinking, winking at my reflection staring back from the bar, My dreams and chances shrinking, involuntary like my blinking, sinking all those hopes of one day being a big star, At least when I'm drinking I can cloud up this thinking, winking at a woman sitting across from the bar, It goes to show that I've had no luck so far.

Midsummer Classic

In what can only be described as a bizarre coincidence, I, too, am off during the All-Star break. Time to ruminate. Admittedly, I am surprised with how well the New York Mets are playing. Sure we dropped three up in Boston, but that was to appease the gods, who so mercilessly ripped victory from the Red Sox in 1986. There was a team reunion before the first game. Bill Buckner was invited, but decided not to go; meanwhile, Roger Clemens took the mound in Houston for his first start of the season, 20 years after the Mets won and Orosco flipped out like a kid cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. The '86 Mets will reunite later this year at Shea. It will be good to see the old gang, some out on parole. I wonder if Keith and Darryl will have a go at one another for old times sake. I look forward to seeing Davey Johnson, who was criticized for being too technical when reporters learned he was using a computer to set his line-up, but when you consider that HoJo, Dykstra, Teufel, and Kevin Mitchel