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LAst night

Had a few martinis before going over to the Staples Center to watch the Kings game. Ended up back at the hotel lounge. There was a guy at the bar talking football with the bartender, saying he liked the Pats this week with the points. For some reason, I volunteered that I liked the Colts and we went on from there. He had tinted glasses and the look of a man who fancied himself a professional gambler. He was armed with the sports sections from the previous four days to study how the lines moved. I asked him what he thought about the upcoming Giants vs. Bears match up and he jumped all over it, saying he'd take the G-Men and he was certain they'd be favored. I told him I thought so, too, then went on a riff about how Rex Grossman was due to blow up because he played for Steve Spurrier and Spurrier's a jinx. Drunken blather, no doubt, but it made for lively conversation. The gent finished his drink and gathered up his papers and I overheard the bartender say, "Have a