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Wasting my days
like a rat in a maze
flurrying about
trying to shout
nobody listening
fat women glistening

Suffering from a malaise
despite this bloody craze
canyon sickness
population quickness
tunnels and towers
smog and black showers
women are vicious
men are malicious
running around
over worn down ground
only to die in the suburbs

Confused and befuddled
debt is mounting
from shoddy accounting
bullshit is wearing
beleaguered soul is tearing
can't get ahead
can't stay in bed
nothing what it seems
stacks of metal beams
maybe get hit by a car
or the ash from a rich man's cigar

Sit in the park
long after dark
sounds like a loon
damn bird is out of tune
why am I sitting
damn kabobs got me shitting

Wasting my days
like a rat in maze
only difference is
the rats mind their own biz.