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Nothing Says Marijuana Party Like Dave Dowling

Goodness gracious, great balls of Google! My Canadian campaign has come to light: Dave has spent the last few years working with the Federal Marijuana Party of Canada as a candidate’s official agent in 2000, and ran as a Candidate in the 2004 Federal Election. By why should I listen to him? Dave has been quoted on CNN at least 50 times. He has also been interviewed numerous times in newspapers, been on a multitude of radio shows and been seen on many television stations. Did someone say Barack Obama? Dave Dowling knows that rights and freedoms are to be there for all, and that children should have educational and economic opportunity, wherever they reside in Canada. The Citizens of Edmonton, Alberta and Canada and their children deserve this. Poverty, the homeless, hemp, healthcare, education and other such issues affect all levels of Governments. This is why Dave runs in Elections, to raise awareness on the real issues. Dave sticks to poverty type campaign budgets to show

Are Bill Ritter and Liz Cho in Love?

For several weeks now, I've noticed Liz Cho of Eyewitness News hasn't been wearing her wedding ring. There was idle speculation that it may be due to weight she put on during her pregnancy, but that was months ago and she has been in fighting shape for a while. Hard to remember now, but I do think it was there when she returned after Labor Day. Of course it was clear from the start that Bill had a thing for Liz. Why not, most of us do, but what was it that put him over the edge? Does Liz actually look up to him, respect him as a venerable newsman, or is it simply the fact that work is an easy place to fall in love. During this evening's broadcast, their was a tender moment revealed when Liz finished reading the Valentine's Day Health Alert. After she said "most people do not actually pursue their ideal mate, suggesting that we often think with our hearts," Bill looked at her tenderly and said, "Who would have thought that?" and she echoed the sen