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Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001

My lungs burn with the ashes of the desperate, The last gasp stretches across the river and into Brooklyn, From the roof, the triumphant towers' boastful predecessor, Green on St. Patrick's Day, purple for Gay Pride, Red, white and blue on the Fourth of July ... Now black, The Empire State in mourning, The wondrous skyline, majestic, awe inspiring, Raped while I watched helplessly, Now thousands of people all looking to help Thousands of people who can no longer be helped, New York, New York, the city so nice They built the tallest building twice, A master plan destroyed by a mastermind, Newly fueled jets, United, American, Strike the heart of money and American defense, Allies of Israel, enemies of bin Laden and the Islamic zealot, Thousands of refugees on the Manhattan Bridge, I stopped and stared, the Mona Lisa lost her nose, The masterpiece wrecked, the smoldering tragedy, unequivocal, A ferocious bite taken from the Big Apple, The restoration and mour

Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 2008

In the spirit of our great departed Doctor of Divinity, the founder of Gonzo, I fear Sarah Palin because she is sexy and can herd sheep that bah she sounds like my sister when we talk on the phone . You knew McCain wasn't going to go out with the weakling Lieberman or the buffoonish Giuliani -- no, McCain can only be slew like the 18-0 Patriots. If you recall your Scorsese, to kill a king, you must do it in open court Bill Clinton is prescient, Obama is on the right side of history and like Eli Manning he will have to orchestrate a fourth quarter drive, complete a miracle, and throw a perfect spiral before he and Michelle can move into the White house. And then, four years from now, when John S. McCain is shelved by the GOP like Bob Dole, Palin can run with her VP, another staunch example of family values, Mr. Tom Brady.