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Life Burns Bright

It begins slow. A few beers at a friend's apartment adorned with Indian skeletons and comfortable couches. Off to a cocktail reception in a cab to midtown. Eat light, drink from Tom Collins glasses while chattering idly about things present and future with old acquaintances. Across the street to a hole-in-the-wall for contrast. Jimmy sitting in the corner playing video poker. Shots and beers, gay conversation and a beautiful woman in a blue dress who has simply had too much. On to another bar for mozzarella sticks and vodka in short glasses. Revelry highlighted by the Mets winning after a rain delay that did not catch you although it did others. And then, alone, you settle the tab and hail a cab. Call the wife while zig-zagging through the financial district across the Brooklyn Bridge where you stop in the corner bar and your neighbor is happy to see you. Then home where your wife fixes you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and pours you a tall glass of water to go with your aspir

Nearby a Bar in Buffalo

People laugh when I tell them I would sweat bullets in Buffalo, but they never had a bat the size of a 747 buzz them while they were strumming chords on a stairway landing in the The Bosche Lofts, Buffalo, NY main foyer of an old building causing them to drop their guitar with a reverberating bellow and retreat back to their apartment.  I'd sweat through my t-shirt as the heat seemed to suck the air from the one-time factory that faced Main Street with its back on North Pearl Street a few blocks from  Artvoice's office where I secured a summer internship. My bedroom window faced Main Street and was opened wide letting in the heated arguments between lesbian lovers that would spill out from the bar nearby late at night. I'd lie awake listening and invariably find myself taking sides based on whose case was more convincing. This steady stream of drama piqued my curiosity and I visited the bar one day to take a look. It was daytime and there weren't many patrons