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The Tenth Post

Last chance to one-up '09 and perhaps reflect on the year gone by. Not sure I can put it in perspective, but I'm inspired by Robert De Niro's interview in Esquire , there's some real wisdom there. Not sure what the new year will bring, but have to figure out a way to have the creative cells grow like microbiotic ones feasting on complicated sugars in the digestive tract. Perhaps it's time to throw down the gauntlet, construct a discipline to utilize my time and life more efficiently as TIME LIFE runs out of money. Balance is key. A new mentor might help. Who knows? Of course I must give thanks and recognize the existing balance in my life. The good fortune and wonderful people I know and love. I realize if nothing more is to come of it, that's fine, but I suspect this is only the beginning and I should gird my loins. A champagne toast to pain, a sham or a shame depending on your view through the pane. Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never bro

My Review of Black Swan

When the lights came up at the conclusion of the film, I hid my runny nose in a white tissue under the guise of a common cold so that no one would suspect me of being too emotional and I could not get home fast enough to write a review, which I seldom do. From the beginning, a man's head was in my direct line of vision and two chatty old ladies behind me were telling one another irritating versions of how they arrived to the Pavillion through the remnants of a mammoth urban snowfall. The guy next to me subtly offered his share of the armrest which I politely declined, but appreciated his acknowledgement of this sliver of personal space in an otherwise crowded room. Black Swan tormented me nearly as much as its torn cuticles tormented the guy next to me. The only scene that horrified him more was when Mila Kunis ripped off Natalie Portman's underwear, which I did not mind. The two beautiful A-listers were like chocolate covered pretzels, savory and sweet, and still I was un


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