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I Wish Liz Cho Would Come Back to the 11pm Broadcast of Eyewitness News

In the wake of Oprah's departure from the weekday line-up, WABC-7 has slated Eyewitness News First @ 4pm and moved Liz Cho there from her traditional 11pm slot. While I am a fan of her replacement, Sade Baderinwa , Liz Cho was the glue of the 11pm broadcast, holding it together through the promotion of Sam Champion and the retirement of Scott Clark. In deference to Sade, my wife was riding with her in the back of a WBAL sat-truck that went through a red-light back in 2000 and hit another car. My wife had to go to the hospital for a minor injury. Even with this history, I wish Liz Cho would come back. She guested last week at 11pm and the broadcast just seemed brighter in every way. I hope when Dr. Oz finally takes over the 4pm slot, Liz will resume her evening post and thereby restore my enthusiasm to go to bed at reasonable time.