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Work's an Easy Place to Fall in Love

I sure as hell ain't no Justin Bieber, but I am fascinated that this "music video" was shot on an iPhone and published to YouTube in the time it takes to fry an egg, although my eggs tend to be more palatable. The days of recording on a four-track and then mixing tapes to play in the car or wherever else you had a "captive" audience are shrinking in the rearview mirror. Thanks to my son, Shane, for contributing his background vocals on this track. PS - Happy Birthday, Mom!

The Interview That Launched Sarah Jessica Parker

Hasten back to 1987, a drizzly day in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, a young group of intrepid reporters gather in the backroom of a long since forgotten restaurant to interview an up-and-coming actress whose name was not yet known. I received the call a week before as my name had been picked from a hat along with three others from my seventh-grade class to conduct the celebrity interview for the "Kidsday" insert of the Sunday edition of Newsday, which we were chosen to put together. The subject, a fresh-faced kid named  Sarah Jessica Parker , was known for her work on the TV series Square Pegs and was then part of an ensemble cast in the TV mini-series A Year in the Life . Of course, I had not seen either of these shows. It was an hour before the interview. The team had gathered on the train speeding toward Manhattan with our parents and the "Kidsday" editor in tow. We diligently used this time to brainstorm what questions we could ask that would bo