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Katy Perry, Anna Kournikova and Scarlett Johansson's Boobs, Oh My 2011

Good grief Charlie Frown another last minute post to sum up the year when really all anyone needs is a Hanger One martini, straight up with a twitter twist in a dimly lit bar with CNBC and Bloomberg hovering like the NFL on Sunday over a plate of wings. Reports are that Katy Perry has kicked Russell Brand to the curb. Brand says they will remain Words-With-Friends unlike Kris Humphries who couldn't get Kim Kardashian to spell, not even a little bit according to her gossipy sisters. Speaking of biggest losers, Anna Kournikova has reportedly left the show due to reports that she has been putting on weight, albeit in the alien form of Enrique's gestating mole. Hard to figure out who the biggest winner is here, Enrique on his yacht or this child who will speak and sing in all kinds of languages while it hunts for the Roddick-Decker spawn on the clay courts of Jupiter Island. This year was biblical with its earthquakes and tsunamis, government meltdowns and the loss of tyrants