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One Take

Leap year into forgotten wonder bra commercial 
where a young lass’s hair ain’t all that bounces like a quarter 
off a sticky bar or the driving rain off the hood of a car port 
in a quaint New England town overlooking Long Island Sound 
and the spawn of a million oysters to end up as empty shells on tables amid fables of barroom romances from a century ago and actors like Grant and Gable who were able to say more with a wink than a good long Plato think on the underprivileged and lack of clean drinking water or vapor in the form of Vader and the force that pulls us all in some precarious direction or perhaps to the top of the masthead in a magazine or a vessel of blood drop oozing from the corner of a wolf’s mouth somewhere in the deep south of Jack London’s mind behind the steaming carcass of progress and inevitable debt and dirty diapers that the earth brings to the unsuspecting moms who accept the challenge in return for fading beauty and eternal memory of all to be accomplished and s…