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Breaking Bad in Happy Valley

The much lauded AMC series Breaking Bad  is mesmerising in its expert, intricately woven story directed beautifully through the finest detail. It's precise like a thematic chemical reaction that loans an air of authenticity rarely found on TV. Among the myriad of human entanglements portrayed in Breaking Bad is the notion that someone wicked and evil can appear right before your nose without presenting a single clue. In this its final season, there is a scene where DEA agents Hank and his partner Steven are sharing a drink with their retiring boss, George Merkert, in his office when it becomes evident that George can't forgive himself for not recognizing who the druglord Gus Fring really was. He laments having invited him into his home and among his family when the camera deftly stops on Hank's face alluding to his brother-in-law Walt, who has been perpetrating the meth explosion Hank seems powerless to stop, chasing a mythical figure named Heisenberg. The truth i

Sun Bleached and Beautiful

A summer shower falls oh so gently on the hood of my Jeep while I put off the day's errand and head to the beach where I'm greeted by the sun-washed jagged stones that stand guard over the Sound while the sailors, runners, bikers and fishermen weave in and out. Tod's Point, Greenwich, CT I pause along route, too lazy to fiddle with the automatic windows, and amble to a nearby bench facing the island of Manhattan. A fisherman jabbers that the fluke are small, but it looks like a meal to me. The doldrums have set upon the sailing school so that the women lay across the bows of the dead ships paddling wistfully while others hop overboard to cool off or perhaps answer a desperate nature call. Two runners approach as if they popped out of a hi-def screen airing the Olympics from London. They are tall and lean wearing hardly anything. I follow the long-legged woman for a bit until I feel useless and out of shape, so I hop back in the Jeep and spin around the Point at a