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Hawaiian Surf Princess

Kauai, January 2008. Northbound Highway 56. Surf report on the radio. Hawaiian Surf Princess Malia Manuel Point your board toward the next run Waves rolling on Kaelia Beach  where one long day runs free Sea sun glisten off taught brown body and  navy wet-suit top and bright blue bikini bottom Lakey Peterson Shot like a bullet through a barrel Rip the surf and fall like an angel  To rise and ride again  and then return to shore  where I am paralyzed by your beauty Throw your board atop a friend's car  Pop the trunk and rinse your mocha hair Its length, the only excess on your sleek frame Malia Manuel Breeze blows your ethereal mist in my face as you peel your top off your taught back Aloof calendar pose,  "Was doing terrible before you showed up" Board a bumblebee and scatter off   Sunlight kisses your lips and strokes your hair Heavenly statue in the parking lot of Kaelia Beach  Lakey Peterson