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Confidence is in short supply
even in the wink from a sure ally
Whether pulling a rabbit from a hole in hat
or pulling a tight sweater over a roll of fat
If you got it, you don't have to pretend
The outcome is certain, press play, hit send

Confidence is the antidote for anxiety
as often purchased throughout society
It is the bare leg of Angelina Jolie
and triple sevens, holy moly!
It is the steely gaze of a man who can't be beat
and the polished wingtips that adorn his feet

Confidence is a soaring note in an emotional song
and no need to apologize after it all went wrong
It is a trait we seldom possess
fragile as a liar under duress
It's something we all want to follow
to keep safe from regret that may find us tomorrow

To know the outcome before the event
To be sure of oneself, that's confident.