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Winter's Coming

The hyperactive squirrels have been working overtime gathering their harvest for the winter and driving my retriever nuts as they always appear just out of reach. On the road, there was a squirrel whose crossing ended midstream with a shattered acorn beyond its frozen grasp. Consumed with preparations for the future, the present blindsided it with swift, silent speed. Halloween is a reminder of the grim worm-eaten world beneath our feet, rising up to cast its shadow in the overheard illumination we've constructed to ward off such creatures of the dark. Winter's coming. Gather the game and the wood and the spirits and the furs and do your best to hide from those things that go bump in the night. (Insert Vincent Price laugh here.) Boo!

Liz Cho and Josh Elliott Are Engaged

Liz Cho and Josh Elliott are engaged according to Page Six  and People . I guess some guys do in fact have all the luck. Weird Long Beard Press wishes them the best! Liz Cho and Josh Elliott.


Awkward is defined as lacking ease of grace in movement or expression. It can be a moment or an absolute as in chemistry. I'm no stranger to awkward. Anna Kournikova Exit the front door of my house and turn right with my dog comfortably ahead on his extended leash. He's on a mission, pulled by a scent I can not detect. I affix my bleary eyes and labored breath on this humid day to a vision of Anna Kournikova headed my way with an equally attractive Golden Retriever pup in tow. We draw near, it's not Anna Kournikova, but a younger, taller version who seems nervous at the sight of me and my eager Labrador. "He's friendly," I say. Just then, my dog lunges at the beautiful pup who side steps and pounces on him in a fury of wagging tails and gaping, playful mouths. Their leashes bind together and suddenly I'm playing Twister with this long-legged woman in short shorts and tank top and there goes my flip flop and I'm all bedhead and morning bre

Write What You Know

"All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know." - Ernest Hemingway Nature kills, human nature, too, I wish that wasn't true. "This above all - to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man."  - Shakespeare, Hamlet There was a man who cut in front of me at a crowded rooftop bar overlooking the Chrysler Building which popped against the deep blue Manhattan sky on a pleasant summer night. I brought it to his attention and he shrugged his shoulders. I recalled the wisdom of Queen Elizabeth, who when asked what lesson was the most important to learn in life replied, good manners. "I don't know much, but I know I love you." - Written by Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil and Tom Snow. Performed by Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville.   I was sitting beneath a tree having lunch on the campus of a large corporation when I called home. My mother and fath

World Cup: A Fan's Note

I admit it, I only watch soccer every four years during the FIFA World Cup . While I do appreciate the sport, I don't have the bandwidth to keep up with it, but every four years, it's no trouble at all. Crowd at Heartland Brewery in Midtown. I have stood six deep at a bar near Plaza Meyor to watch Real Madrid play Bar รง a and I've taken a long lunch to watch the Rangers play the Celtics in a dark hall where the comedian Billy Connolly was in attendance. It's hard not to get swept up in the atmosphere of these rivalries. Now that the USA has emerged as a global contender, it is wonderful to see this country get on board with the rest of the world, which is to say that everything stops when the game is on. For example, I was in a crowded restaurant near Bryant Park this past week when a voice nearby said, "shouldn't you be in Connecticut?" I turned to see a friend I haven't seen in quite some time due to our busy work schedules. I do understan

Dylan Penn Treats Us to a Smoke Show

That didn't take long. Dylan Penn has signed on to do her first movie, a horror film titled Condemned . In the meantime, she grabbed the lucky number seven cover of  Treats! Magazine  with a scorching portfolio by Tony Duran. Check it out: Dylan Penn, Treats! Magazine, Issue 7. Dylan Penn, Treats! Magazine, Issue 7. Dylan Penn, Treats! Magazine, Issue 7. Dylan Penn, Treats! Magazine, Issue 7. Dylan Penn, Treats! Magazine, Issue 7.

I'm Out Like the Fat Kid in Dodgeball

People of Earth: That was how Conan O'Brien began his statement to alert the world that he was leaving The Tonight Show , a statement he ran on PR Newswire, the company that has graciously employed me for the past 15 years. Today, April 30, 2014, concludes that run. As I gave thought to how my statement should read, I reflected on all of the exit emails sent from colleagues through the years and there was one line that resonated: I'm out like the fat kid in dodgeball. I believe it was written in the summer of 2001 by a woman, Jen L., who was a natural born comedian. She could make us laugh in those stressful earnings periods, often at her own expense. I spent the bulk of my time with PR Newswire at 810 Seventh Ave in Manhattan, located  next door to the Ed Sullivan Theater , home of the Late Show With David Letterman . As Mr. Letterman has recently announced plans for his own retirement, I thought it would be appropriate to create a Top Ten List. As I think back throug


I often think of time, moving from one place to another, remembering my meals and appointments, cognizant of schedules and every now and then I pause to consider it. Today, I was in church and a couple renewed their vows in celebration of their golden wedding anniversary of 50 years. Tomorrow, I will meet with the legendary Harold Burson to discuss the year 1954 when PR Newswire was founded. Remarkably, he was one of its first customers. Through the years,  I've come across many wonderful descriptions of time, here are three that stand out:  From  The Tudors : Death of a Monarchy (Season 4; Episode 10) (2010): King Henry VIII : [ Opening lines ] In these last days I've been thinking a great deal about loss. What loss, your grace, is to man most irrecoverable?  Charles Brandon : His virtue.  King Henry VIII : No, for by his actions, he may redeem his virtue.  Charles Brandon : Then, his honor.  King Henry VIII : No, for again he may find the means to recover it, eve

Thoughts at The Turn: Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Wingtips and Ernest Hemingway

Jennifer Lawrence, Hunger Games NY premiere. Back breaking snow shoveling storms sabotaged my strategy to sip 18 taps of Blue Point brew on eastern Long Island before it gets trampled by Clydesdales, but now have time to dive into old blues albums while I jot down diversionary thoughts rather than face The Turn. I've always liked Tom Chiarella of Esquire and his piece 40: When You've "Made" It   is a great pep talk. Speaking of Esquire , was it just me or was the February 2014 issue, Weird Men , not too weird? Then again, what would I know about it.  Jennifer Lawrence, Film Independent Spirit Awards. Can't wait for  American Hustle to be available on Netflix. Something about that movie trailer with Jennifer Lawrence parading around in her underwear coupled with rumors of a kiss with co-star Amy Adams sounds intriguing. Why is the whole world obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence anyway ? I mean really Jack Nicholson, she's old enough to be yo

The Origin of My Story Telling

It's funny how some memories lodge themselves in your brain like a poppy seed in your teeth. I have ones that have followed me for nearly three decades. Waves at Tobay Beach, Long Island. I recall being at a beach on the south shore of Long Island, most likely Tobay. I was playing in the waves with my friend. His mother loved to lay in the sun and since she worked nights, she took us there during the week when it was not crowded. The sea was choppy that day my friends. We were playing in the surf and I recall being thrown about by the waves like laundry in a dryer. It was exhilarating. As soon as I'd drift to shore I would look for my friend, eager to describe what had just happened. As I jabbered wildly, he nodded looking out to the horizon, lost in his own experience. I had this amazing feeling and this eminent desire to tell someone, anyone about it. The emotion has never left me. It has aged like a fine wine. Shortly after the summer, I had a writing assignme