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Thoughts at The Turn: Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Wingtips and Ernest Hemingway

Jennifer Lawrence, Hunger Games NY premiere. Back breaking snow shoveling storms sabotaged my strategy to sip 18 taps of Blue Point brew on eastern Long Island before it gets trampled by Clydesdales, but now have time to dive into old blues albums while I jot down diversionary thoughts rather than face The Turn. I've always liked Tom Chiarella of Esquire and his piece 40: When You've "Made" It   is a great pep talk. Speaking of Esquire , was it just me or was the February 2014 issue, Weird Men , not too weird? Then again, what would I know about it.  Jennifer Lawrence, Film Independent Spirit Awards. Can't wait for  American Hustle to be available on Netflix. Something about that movie trailer with Jennifer Lawrence parading around in her underwear coupled with rumors of a kiss with co-star Amy Adams sounds intriguing. Why is the whole world obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence anyway ? I mean really Jack Nicholson, she's old enough to be yo