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I'm Out Like the Fat Kid in Dodgeball

People of Earth: That was how Conan O'Brien began his statement to alert the world that he was leaving The Tonight Show , a statement he ran on PR Newswire, the company that has graciously employed me for the past 15 years. Today, April 30, 2014, concludes that run. As I gave thought to how my statement should read, I reflected on all of the exit emails sent from colleagues through the years and there was one line that resonated: I'm out like the fat kid in dodgeball. I believe it was written in the summer of 2001 by a woman, Jen L., who was a natural born comedian. She could make us laugh in those stressful earnings periods, often at her own expense. I spent the bulk of my time with PR Newswire at 810 Seventh Ave in Manhattan, located  next door to the Ed Sullivan Theater , home of the Late Show With David Letterman . As Mr. Letterman has recently announced plans for his own retirement, I thought it would be appropriate to create a Top Ten List. As I think back throug