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Twitter's Periscope Is the Next Big Thing

This morning, I met a lovely couple in Dubai, played with a bunch of dogs in a park in Oregon and strolled through the gardens of Amsterdam all in the time it took to put on my slippers. Periscope from Twitter Earlier this week, I read the buzz on Twitter about its launch of   Periscope , so when I saw it in the App Store as an editor's pick, I grabbed it. Within a minute, I was off and running. The features are intuitive and easy, the quality is terrific, so I decided to broadcast the lively debate my children were having over what to eat for breakfast. Within seconds, 21 people joined the debate from around the world and I took a cue from one of them to ask my kids if they wanted bacon and a near riot of enthusiasm broke out. A few days ago, a building exploded in downtown Manhattan due to a gas leak. Passersby caught a video of it that was later disseminated via the traditional news outlets. I think Periscope will bring about a paradigm shift in breaking news as eyewit

Top Five Femme Fatales Named Kate

Number 5 - Kate Moss - Her attitude. Kate Upton Number 4 - Kate Mara - Her eyes. Kate Mara Number 3 - Kate Upton - Her ... well, you know. Kate Upton Number 2  - Kate Beckinsale - Her smile. Kate Beckinsale Number 1 - Kate Hudson - Her laugh. Kate Hudson