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A 'Twibute' to Mark Haines

On this Father's Day I can't help but think of Mark Haines, the CNBC anchor who passed away unexpectedly on May 25. I was watching that day when Carl Quintanilla read the announcement on-air and afterward I phoned my own dad to commiserate. Another reminder of him on this day is the obligatory tie often given as a gift to dads before they head off to the golf course or fire up the grill. You'll probably see many of these ties proudly displayed on Wall Street tomorrow. Even Google acknowledged this trend by incorporating one within its banner.

The day Mark Haines died it was as though the financial world stood still while CNBC's on-air anchors did their best to process it and put their loss in perspective. They shared stories about him and the loving nicknames he bestowed upon them. Among the many sentiments they shared were Haines' love of the Mets and the Giants, but above all, the love he had for his family. My heart goes out to his wife, son and daughter today.

Mark Haines, Titan of Journalism, Passes Away at Age 65

Dearly departed from the Financial Capital of the Galaxy, Mark Haines passed away at the age of 65 and an Irish wake ensued on CNBC.

Perhaps the break up of the Dream Team was too much for him to bear.

The morning sun will not shine as bright in the absence of his squawk.